Save the Queen's Wood Oaks

Save the Queen's Wood Oaks

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We are shocked that AXA, the insurance giant, has demanded the felling of four (originally five) mature oaks in ancient woodland, namely the Local Nature Reserve of Queen’s Wood in North London, yet at the same time declaring your aim to be 'world leaders on biodiversity' and stating on your website, “…we actively, and passionately, protect the world we share, in every way we can. We do this by reducing the environmental impact of our business”!

The 6,000 people who petitioned the London Borough of Haringey not to fell these trees are now aware that it is AXA who is forcing this action on them with the threat of a £300,000 bill for costs/damages.

It is no use being a company that plants thousands of new trees if you continue to demand the felling of thousands of existing ones. Ploughing millions into environmental groups like the Woodland Trust will be seen as a meaningless gesture if you are cutting down our trees faster than we can plant them.

In this time of climate change trees are more important than ever before and the ecosystems of our ancient woodlands are irreplaceable. AXA could be leading the way by re-branding itself as the home insurer that saves ancient woodlands like ours and never asks for a healthy tree to be felled unless there is no alternative.

We therefore urgently request that you prove your green credentials by sparing the Queen’s Wood oaks and honouring your responsibility as an insurance company by underpinning the property and paying for this work yourselves, without threatening our cash-strapped council.