Examplary Punishment for the Murderers of the Pregnant Elephant in Kerala

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This petition is about the heinous act against a helpless pregnant elephant who was mercilessly murderd by feeding pineapple filled with crackers in Malappuram, Kerala because she came out of the forest looking out for food. 

She was simply hungry and was looking for food to feed herself and her unborn child. Not finding enough food in her area of residence she had to come out to the area where the human beings who murdered her reside.

She thought she could believe the human beings when they pretended to provide her with food whose actual intention was to murder her. These inhumane so called human beings not only murdered the mother they also snatched the elephant's unborn calf's right to life by also murdering him/ her along with the mother. 

Realising that she has been tricked and fed to be killed the elephant ran to water body to save her unborn calf's life. She ultimately surrendered her and her calf's life and passed away trying to save her calf's life by standing in the water.

It is absolutely impossible to remain a silent spectator to such atrocity.

WE DEMAND - Harshest punishment for the offenders who so mercilessly abused and murdered a hungry helpless pregnant elephant and her unborn calf just to prove their superior intelligence as a human being.

WE DEMAND - Strict laws against such heinous crime and abuse against animals in India

WE DEMAND - Compassion towards animals to be a part of education system in India