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Awareness of the Missing and UnidentifieId In The United States And Other Countries

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As a member of many missing person's websites,I have written this as a concerned citizen.I have seen first-hand what the families and friends go thru when they have a loved one missing.With DNA and the NamUS database alot are being found and identified.Many have never had a missing report done and are being put in.Law Enforcement,Medical Examiners and Coroners and the public are all working together and entering the cases.Some of these missing go back 30 yrs or more.The families need to know where their loved ones are so they can come home.I input cases everyday and there are so many adults and children missing.This is every State in America and other Countries as well.Many of the missing are homicide cases and we need to get them off our streets.Serial killers,Child pedophiles,Rapists.Domestic violence is the cause of alot of homicides also.Please join me to make the public aware of the many missing and many unidentified.To our President,Congress,Delegates,Mayors and Senators from all States to help the families of the missing anyway possible.I have great respect for all the above and Law Enforcement,Medical Examiners,Forensic Artist and the many more who work hard everyday.I thank all who sign this and I pray this will be a help.This is my very first petition.Take care.

Thanks to everyone who signs this and God Bless you.

The Missing are homicide victims,Domestic Victims and children of child pedophiles.True there are some who have left on their own but alot especially adults are found deceased.The persons responsible for these crimes ,many are still walking our streets looking for more victims.Any of us could become a victim at anytime,anywhere,from the West Coast to the East Coast and in between.Can we help the families who are missing a loved one by spreading the word to let the public know just how many their is.As of June 30,2008 according to the F.B.I.[NCIC] there were 106,324 missing children and adults and 7,049 unidentified remains.This is alot and I am sure there is more by now.Anyone who cares about our fellow man and to get justice for all the families,please join with me and the other's who have signed my petition.My birthday is soon and this would make my birthday a great one with alot of signatures.

 I want to thank all of you for signing this petition.God bless you.With the recent great news of Jaycee Lee Dugard found after 18 years alive after being abducted gives us hope there could be more missing still alive out here.Alot of children have been abducted years ago like Jaycee and they may still be out here.This gives me more reason to do all I can to get the signatures and send to the President and others in every State and Countries as they also have many missing.Canada,United Kingdom and Australia and many other Countries have so many missing and are our friends on many of our boards.There is Peace4Missing,Porchlight for the Missing and Unidentified,The Doenetwork,Charlie Project,Cue Center for the Missing,Project Jason,Cold Cases and we have NamUS which is a godsend to help with Missing and Unidentified.And so many others like Family Members,friends and people who care that have Missing Person's sites.If all of us join together we will be a great big voice for the Families who are missing a loved one and they need to know where their loved one is.Again thank all of you my great friends.

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