Awareness of fast driving can kill.

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Please just read this!!! Speeding can devastate a family.

On Tuesday night,  I heard a knock on my front door. It was my neighbour. She said 'I promise it wasn't me but do you have a black and white cat because they have found one at the end of the road and it looks like he is dead.' So I ran down there as fast as I could to see my 2 year old cat Jesse, lying on the floor dead with no one to comfort him. Someone had hit him by speeding and just left him to die. I was crying my eyes out and now my mum and I are devastated and trying to keep his biological brother happy, who is also sad and not the same. I know I am only 13 years old but I have really strong views on this and won't just sit around and let this happen to someone else's cat or any family. What I am trying to get from this is that if you are speeding make sure you slow down and if you see an animal in need don't just leave it, help it and do the right thing. If I do loose this petition because I know that no one will stop speeding, I will still help any animal that I see if they are injured. God forbid that next time it isn't a child that results up dead due to speeding. 

Thank you for reading this.