Awareness around Sexual Abuse

Awareness around Sexual Abuse

7 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Stop Sexual Abuse

Did you know that sexual abuse convictions have dropped since reports began?
Despite the high frequency of rape and sexual abuse and the increase in reporting over the recent years, the rate of prosecutions and convictions have dropped.The Home Office figures imply that rape complainants now have 1 in 70 chance of a complaint made to the police resulting in a charge, let alone a conviction.

Most people in sexual abuse cases are usually either afraid to speak up, unaware of how to speak up or too overwhelmed and this is common! Everyone reacts differently as we are all different people, so it is fine no
matter how you react emotionally.

People may choose to report it or not to. If you would like to report it, you can go to the police, however, if you do not want go now, you can go to a SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) to gather biological evidence of sexual abuse to use later on.

In order to report any sexual offence cases, you can use the law 'Sexual Offences Act 2003' in court; to find more about this issue you can use the CPS website (Crown Prosecution Service) to find more about how to take sexual abuse cases to court and your rights.

CPS- information regarding sexual offences

Rape Crisis- to end sexual violence and abuse

The website above is for any information you would like to find out about
sexual abuse.

Men, women and others can all go through sexual abuse. Therefore, we need to stop the stereotype of only women getting abused and men being guilty of it. This stereotype prevents people from speaking up for themselves. This petition was created to spread awareness around sexual harassment. If you have gone through sexual abuse, know that you are not alone and we are all working together to prevent future crimes from taking place and help people gain justice.

Please sign and share this petition so more people can be aware of the law around this issue and know how to report it!

Break your silence. Speak out, don't doubt.


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Signatures: 20Next Goal: 25
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