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AWARD DEATH PENALTY FOR CHILD RAPISTS without Prejudice - Save our Children please!

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The Above summary is less than 0.1% of #ChildRape in #India (for your reference).

#Hasini was a 7 year old child molested, raped, killed and burnt with petrol to ashes by a #ChildRapist #IndianTerrorist. Is it not #Cruelty?

#Nandhini was a pregnant girl who was raped repeatedly by a group of #AntiNationals,  abused, killed, her birth organs were torn and the 1.5 month old fetus was pulled out...Both the girl and the fetus were thrown in a well. Don't you think this is #Cruel?

Everyday, #India loses many #Hasini's #Nandhini's and #Nirbhaya's; actually the truth is our Law and Order with respect to #ChildRape #Rape #Abuse must be amended to "Save our Children", otherwise we will keep losing them on a daily basis. Protests and cry are temporary, what #IndiaNeeds is a permanent solution, with a focused agenda to reduce these #Crimes.

There are 31,000 + #ChildRape and #ChildAbuse cases pending in various courts of our country. After #Convicted, why should we provide an opportunity for the #RAPIST to escape, we have seen many cases where the #Parents are tortured, abused and threatened to withdraw. The delay in #Justice only causes disrespect to our #Nation. Why #Injustice to citizens? WE CANNOT TOLERATE #CHILDRAPE ANY FURTHER. 

Our Country is running into a shameful and a pathetic situation when it comes to Child Rape, Child Abuse and the safety of our wonderful children. It is very sad to hear that some “anti-social” elements and heartless people present in our Society and Country have no “MERCY” and even a 3 month old girl child is not spared. This petition requests and pleads you to immediately implement the following for God’s Sake, THIS IS THE TRUE CLEAN UP: 

1. Amend the Indian Constitution & Law, not to spare these child predators and award death penalty without prejudice.

2. The accused should NOT be granted bail or parole whatsoever. Special fast track courts needs to be established across the country

3. The punishment should be implemented within 3 months from the date of order & there should be no option to appeal to higher courts, which may potentially cause delays

4. The honorable president of India should not entertain nor approve any mercy petitions by cancelling the death penalty whatsoever

5. No “fooling” must be permitted by claims from rapists such as “mentally unstable, mentally challenged, minor, etc. Let’s BLOCK ALL LOOPHOLES

6. A RAPE IS A RAPE, irrespective of the dynamics of the #Protests and #Outrage by public. If #Protest #Outrage can only lead to severe punishment for the same offense; a minimum of #20 protests will happen in #India everyday. 

 If the Government says “demonetization” is important; preventing “CHILD ABUSE & RAPE” is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT and the real need of the hour. Every day or the other; we keep hearing sick news about Child rape and abuse; the worst part is to see them back in town on BAIL.  These situations, if they continue would lead to a “National Disaster & SHAME”, and NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT. 

Passing this LAW would not only provide justice for the victims and their families but also “BE A GAME CHANGER” for RAPE PREVENTION, CHILD ABUSE & CHILD TRAFFICKING. Our today’s children are our tomorrow’s LEADERS and the acceptance of this petition followed with the requested amendments will surely get you a permanent place in a “BILLION HEARTS AND OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS TO COME”

Request your sincerest cooperation and support; let's get the child rapists HANGED/EXECUTED without prejudice! The proof of support from “RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS OF INDIA” supporting the movement is overleaf.

Thanking You


Vaikunth Kasturirangan

Chairman of the Board

Mobile: +91 95001 11108



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