We need free desks at the Daniels Principal Hall

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Dear Daniels Community,

With the beginning of a new school year, you have likely noticed a couple changes, including our new lecture hall. The Principal Hall, as many of you have experienced by now, has no desks or surfaces of any kind, available to write/ type on, making it very difficult and uncomfortable to make it through hours of lecturing. In response to many complaints, the faculty’s only solution has been to offer “Lap Desks” at a $30 charge, only adding to the costs of supplies, printing and lockers that we already have to pay on top of our tuition. We would also like to bring to the administration’s attention that their plan to have students store these “Lap Desks” in their lockers would add an additional $25 in charges to our already tight budgets, and that with the limited number of lockers in 1 Spadina, they do not have the physical capacity to accommodate every student in this way. We would like to ask for your help to convince the faculty that this is not acceptable and that accommodations must be provided to us at no cost, or some other solution must be reached. Though we understand that the use of the Principal Hall is flexible, we find it inadmissible that its primary use as a lecture hall fails to provide the basics of a learning environment for us students. If you agree with us, please consider signing the petition to provide desks in the Principal Hall and improve our learning conditions.