Remove sexist language on Avon Bus signs.

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Today, (13th March 2014), I was travelling on the Avon Bus to Birkenhead and I came across sexism on my way to college. The sign said "Passengers must not talk / distract the driver (whilst moving) - passengers must not distract him/his attention (whilst the bus is moving) without good cause" or something along those lines. The pronoun used "his" / "him" was portraying to me and others that there is no women drivers accepted socially on the buses and it is sexist and not equal for women drivers who do just as good of a job as male drivers.

This is just the thing that we do not need - sexism in the workplace. And as a male, I find it offensive as it portrays an image that women cannot become bus drivers or persue a career as one.

I started this petition because I want modern change for the 21st Century, that sexism today is not acceptable, and I will not accept it and you shouldn't too. You should support my petition to raise awareness that this particular type of sexism and any type of sexism, misogyny and discrimination will not be accepted.

As the bus industry is a male-dominated industry, I think that more women need to stand up to discrimination and fight it, like I am, and that more women should find a career as a bus driver and not face discrimination due to their gender.

We all, as women and men, can equally make a difference to discrimination and prevent it because it is wrong and reduce discrimination of this kind. Women and even men do not deserve discrimination due to their gender and type of occupation they choose to work in; it is simply unacceptable and the companies like Merseytravel and Avon Buses should not turn a blind eye to this.

I hope we can all make a difference to combat this discrimination and fight it together.

Yours Faithfully,

Jay Taylor - Student, Liberal Feminist and Campaigner.

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