Stop Fetishizing & Devaluing Blackness in Porn.

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Systemic racism has been able to flourish in the adult industry, unchecked for too long. 


Interracial “IR” Rate: Non-Black women are able to charge a higher rate to work with Black male performers, while race is not a negotiating factor for other performers. The Black men performing in  IR scenes with non-Black women do not get to charge higher rates. 

Devaluation of Black men: Black men are “canceled” with more frequency & with less consideration than their non-Black male counterparts, who commit rape & assault and are able to continue to perform and win awards. Black men are treated as tools to prop up the sexuality of non-Black women.

Devaluation of Black women: Black female performers are told they must enter the industry “ready to do all sex acts”, while non-Black women are able to build up to riskier sex acts to preserve their “innocence”. Black women are referred to as “ebony” when collectively, we would prefer the term “Black women”.

Black women are offered less money for the exact same sex acts non-Black women are able to perform for much higher rates & with more frequency. Black women are signed less often to agency’s rosters. Black women are booked less often by major studios. Black women receive less budgets on the movies they do perform in for major studios. Black women are rarely if ever rewarded at major industry awards events. Black women are rarely if ever hosts of major industry awards shows. Black women are rarely if ever present on major industry magazine covers.

We will no longer remain silent in protecting the bigoted practices that have been able to continue under the excuse that this is always as it has been and that systems are too difficult to change.


No more acting like performing with a Black person is a special act. No more acting like the reason for the “IR rate” is because agents were trying to outdo each other many years ago. No more acting like Black women’s sexual performances aren’t bankable or marketable. No more acting like this cannot be changed. No more acting like this is what “the fans” & “the people want”.

Please fans and followers of performers of the adult industry— sign this petition & spread the word that we demand REAL CHANGE!

We demand visible EQUALITY in compensation, opportunities & visual presence for all Black performers in the adult industry. 

We demand  accountability on the part of the individuals, the systems, companies and institutions of the adult industry that uphold that which we seek to change.

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