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Stop Declawing in Domestic Cats!

Declawing is a brutal procedure. IT IS NOT A MANICURE! It involves cutting off the entire first digit of each paw, totaling 10 separate amputations. Declawing is completely inhuman, and should not be performed for any reason. It is not a "quick fix" for bad behavior or scratching, and can lead to many more complications. It cause a debilitating pain for the animal. Those animals given this procedure are likely to be unable to use the litterbox. These animals can also not protect themselves, climb, or do other normal activities involved in a feline's everyday life. The procedure itself can also lead to infections,and various other complications. There are many much better alternative out there: nail trimming, claw sheathes. sticky paws, etc. which do not mutilate the feline involved. The proper use of scratching posts is also very important. No cat deserves having there toes chopped up, especially just over some clawed-up furniture. Help end all declawing in domestic cats.

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