AVMA, Completely Condemn Declawing For Domestic Cats Like You Did For Exotic Cats

AVMA, Completely Condemn Declawing For Domestic Cats Like You Did For Exotic Cats

January 18, 2018
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President of AVMA 2021 Dr José Arce, DVM
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Started by City the Kitty

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA),

We, the undersigned, ask you (AVMA) to declare declawing below the standard of care in veterinary medicine and completely condemn it like you did for exotic cats.  Atop making excuses for your member vets to perform this inhumane and mutilating amputation procedure.

Here's our rebuttal to all the nonsense in the AVMA's position statement. Rebuttal to AVMA's Declawing Position Statement

By doing so, you will be protecting the interest of cats instead of protecting the interest of declawing veterinarians.

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association issued a position statement opposing declawing in October 2017.

Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association became the first province to ban PDA outright
Winter 2018.

The province of British Columbia voted for a ban on declawing in November 2018.

In a vote at their annual meeting on the weekend Prince Edward Island veterinarians implemented a ban on the declawing of cats except in exceptional cases where it is medically required.
November 2018.

Veterinarians licensed in Newfoundland and Labrador voted to institute a ban on declawing, effective Jan. 1, 2019.

8 Provinces in Canada banned declawing, thanks to the veterinarians in that country who want this animal cruelty to end.

VCA, Banfield, AAFP, Fear Free Pets, and Mission Veterinary Partners have all banned declawing in their practices. National Veterinary Associates said they are ending declawing in July, August, or September in around 1/2 their clinics and the rest in time.

Please be an ethical veterinary association that truly cares about the welfare of cats and that evolves to reflect the current literature about declawing.

Declawing is the amputation of a cat's last toe bone. It is performed routinely and often as a first option in spay/neuter/declaw packages by AVMA veterinarians despite your position statement that says it should be a last resort.

Declawing is below the standard of care.

Cats deserve better.

Many AVMA vets even declaw cats and kittens and don't use any pain meds.  Here are a couple examples- http://www.citythekitty.com/many-avma-vets-declaw-cats-and-give-no-pain-meds/

It's time for you to do the right thing and stop putting the welfare of your declawing vet's pocketbooks over the welfare of cats! http://www.citythekitty.com/american-veterinary-money-association-deception-for-profits/

Here are just a couple examples of AVMA vets and declawing. AVMA veterinarians and declawing

Please go to my website and sign all my petitions to help end declawing! www.citythekitty.com

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Signatures: 5,299Next Goal: 7,500
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