Unfriendly Airline Policies

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A regular traveller or otherwise is caught in a catch 22 situation when booking an Airline ticket. A change in plan or even a genuine mistake is a costly affair when a change is required. Most Airlines charge a cancellation fee / change fee which is at times equal to or more than the amount paid for the ticket. A cancelled ticket results in the airline getting the fare for the first ticket plus an opportunity to sell the ticket again, which j think is akin to profiteering. This petition is ask the authorities to bring in more cosumer friendly policies enabling cancellations or changes at a reasonable fee versus the consumer loosing the entire ticket fare. 

The change I want to propose is to have the first change to be permitted at a fee of approximately Rs. 500/- and a higher fee in the event there is an additional change. Change could be date change, flight change or name change as well.

Cancellation should work on the lines of Railways which decides the charge based on the time the cancellation is being requested.

Additionally, the whole algorithm process used by Airlines to increase fares suddenly when a flight is being searched multiple times should also be disallowed. Low cost Airlines should also be charging as per the low cost policies and not charge equal to the fare of a full service Airline.

Seeking a consumer friendly solution from the Authorities.