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Lower Prices at Hill2Go

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The overpricing of items at Hill 2 Go is problematic and dangerous for Hill House students. Not everyone has the money to spend $8.00 on a box of mac and cheese or a can of chili, and forcing college students to pay more to get a meal without walking at least ten minutes across campus or to Stop and Shop is wrong.

Some people could rely on Hill 2 Go as a reliable daily food source if the prices were not so expensive. However, many of these people need to get their food other ways as a result. When walking to the Stop and Shop in Cross County or the Pub are your two easiest options, oftentimes these students might skip meals out of laziness instead of finding themselves the correct nutrition that they need. Hill 2 Go also has the campus's widest selection of vegan options, yet only particularly affluent vegans can rely on the selection as a regular food source.

Hill 2 Go is a college dining venue. The overpricing of items is unacceptable.

Through this petition we hope to get:

-Lower, market-level prices for ALL items at Hill 2 Go. Mac and cheese, ice cream, chili, soup, etc. all need to have drastic price drops. Students should not be excited about a four dollar quart of milk. Prices will be expected to match roughly common market value.

-An available price list on items in Hill 2 Go, whether on each individual items, on shelves, online, or on a bulletin.

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