Average speed cameras or more warning signs over North and South Gower

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Gower is know for its outstanding natural beauty but also known for the open common land surrounding it that leads to numerous animal's deaths due to careless driving! 

Grazing animals over the common is something that has been done for many years and to see horses, cows and sheep wandering around is a lovely sight to see. What isn't so lovely is seeing the poor dead animals being taken away by farmers and the herd looking traumatised after reckless drivers plough into their herd member. What isn't so nice is the mother animal calling to her baby that is lying dead on the road not responding to her calls. 

These animals have every right to graze over this land and to fence them in would not solve the problem. To stop this happening I feel average speed cameras should be installed across both North and South Gower to try and prevent this from happening again. 

The speed limit is currently 40mph however this is often ignored and seen as a race track. 

I ask you all who cares about the Gower and it's animals wild and owned to sign this petition to look after what we have and help prevent further collisions with these defenceless animals!