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Replace gravel in Avalon Willoughby/AvaDoBro 3rd floor dog run w/ pet safe synthetic grass

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If you agree that the dog run surface needs to be changed, please sign this petition! Even if you don't agree with all the statement below.

*If you feel that a surface other than artificial grass would be better please add them in the comments below (although there's not, I've looked).

The pea gravel problem...

  • It's uncomfortable. A number of dog owners moved into this building to use the dog run but their dogs will not walk onto the gravel. They either don't use the run at all or they let their dogs relieve themselves on the pathway instead. Even the dogs who do play on the gravel don't play as fully as if they were on a softer surface. 
  • The gravel smells.
  • The gravel gets hot when the sun beats down on it. Dogs will hide in the shaded areas to avoid the hot gravel.
  • The dust get EVERYWHERE. The dogs get dirty. The people get dirty. And some people have gotten sick from the dust in the air. When the dogs run and play the dust blows into the air making it even worse. 
  • When the gravel is wet it becomes gross. Even fewer dogs will go onto the wet gravel and it makes an even bigger mess.
  • How many of us have a collection of the rocks in our homes from them getting stuck in your shoes?
  • The gravel gets stuck in some dog's paws and a number of dog have been cut or sliced by the gravel.

Artificial grass designed specifically for pets would solve all of these problem...

  • Knit backing that allows water to flow through every part of the surface. This mean urine will not pool under the surface but will immediately sink into the ground below. This leaves the entire area cleaner in general.

    See the difference here

    and here
  • The grass will get hot in direct sunlight but older versions of artificial grass would get hot enough to burn skin. These versions get hot, but not that hot. If needed 30 seconds of the sprinklers every hour would fix that and it would only need to be during peak sunlight hours on extremely hot days. (maybe 10am-2pm June-August. But ONLY 30seconds-1minute, not 30 minutes! And on a set schedule!)
  • Softer surface to walk/play on. No rocks stuck in shoes or paws. No dust.
  • When it's wet the water sinks right through. It will be slightly wet for an hour or so, but there will be no dirt or dust to make a mess. 
  • Maybe we'll be able to see the dog poop better, so fewer fecal matter land mines every morning because people can't see at night what is a shadow from a pile of rocks and what is their dogs droppings. (The lighting is another issue entirely, so let's not go there now.)
  • The maintenance is virtually the same as the current surface, except no one will need to come and rake the rocks every morning (even though that only last like 10 seconds)

*If anyone feels there are additional issues that I have missed or failed to address please add them in a comment below. 

I've done the research (you're welcome) and these are the top brands that seem to solve all of these problems. 

  1. K9 Grass
  2. Easy Turf
  3. ProGreen Synthetic Turf

*If anyone knows of additional brands that also solve these problems please post a link in the comments below. There are numerous sellers in the area that carry these brands and each company wants to do a site visit in order to provide an actual quote, but in order to avoid 20 different companies coming for no reason, I wanted to land on some top choices of brands before moving forward. 

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