Avaaz, stop creating false petitions

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Avaaz created a petition: THIS IS HOW GENOCIDES BEGIN, link- https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/stop_deleting_muslims_india/?cubqjkb in response to the Indian government creating a database of illegal immigrants. The petition states that the government is doing this because these people worship a "DIFFERENT GOD" and they speak the "WRONG LANGUAGE". This petition is simply biased and does not convey the facts at all. It is also divisive - India does not have any problem with any God or religion, and there cannot be a wrong language for this great country where scores of languages are spoken.

Avaaz.org, stop being a hypocrite. Every country in the world wants to take action against illegal immigrants. Emma Ruby Sachs, who started this petition is from a country which throws out illegal immigrants, which is the right thing to do. If another country does it, is it illegal? 

Please, sign my petition, to tell Avaaz.org that you represent responsible acts but the petition "India- stop deleting muslims" is doctored, biased, and must be stopped.