The APA exam question should be reviewed by ASIS! It doesn't measure our English skills!

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Hé everyone, 

On behalf of us 1st-year students, I would like to start a petition making ASIS/AVANS reconsider the APA exercise and to have a insight into our Buscom Exam due to the APA exercise! Why you ask?

We had an exam question taking into account 20% of our Business communication grade! In my opinion and a few other fellow students opinions, this exam question didn't measure our skills, capabilities and actual English level at all. We study International Business and not the science of becoming an APA specialist. We want to be measured for our Business communication skills and not APA!
Just imagine having a 6 and actually failing APA resulting in a minus 2 resulting in a final score of 4! While your English skills are up to date, you failed because you didn't know where or when to put the Dots, Commas, Capitals, Italics and so on.

For future students, and ourselves we want to make sure ASIS/AVANS looks into the APA exam question, questioning the usefulness and fairness of such a question. And maybe to become more reasonable when it comes to examining us on business communication!

For this, we at least need around 50 students to sign this petition, the more the merrier

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Kind regards,

Ben Brandon Barichovicht Rivas
Y1 student IBMS, LABS

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