blocking and stopping of the installation of wind turbines on the site of La Fière

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Dear AVA Friends,


 I am committed to fight a recently proposed wind farm project at our hallowed ground at La Fiere; issued by the mayor of Pont Labbe / Picauville .


This wind farm would be within sight of the La Fiere American Paratroopers Memorial site, Iron Mike.

Our AVA property at La Fiere was one of the most ferocious scenes of combat during the liberation of Normandy.

This is unnecessary and an insult to the memory of American soldiers who were killed or wounded all around this area in 1944.


Each year, we commemorate the memory of our heroes during D-Day ceremonies with re-enactments of their historic landings at the Drop Zone at La Fiere.  This year, 1,300 jumps took place there with more than 120,000 spectators in attendance.  The absurdly proposed “wind farm” would forevermore prevent us from honoring our liberation in this way and dishonor the heroes who sacrificed everything for our freedom and democracy against tyranny.


I am enclosing the letter we received from the National Commander of the American Legion showing his support for our opposition to the proposed “wind farm.”

Therefore, I wish you to add your name in opposition to the proposed “wind farm” .

The results will be sent to:

The Mayor of Pont Labbe / Picauville

The Airborne Museum

The Prefet de la Manche ( equivalent to a US state governor )

The US Ambassador

The French President

The more signed petitions we will get, the better it will be.  So, don’t hesitate to ask friends, post on social media and join us in this fight with a paratrooper spirit!

Thank you 

Maurice Renaud

President, Amis des Veterans Americains