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Have The AV Club Review ABC's Speechless

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The AV Club is a famous website that reviews movies, books, and television shows. Focusing on the latter, The AV Club has reviewed nearly every show on primetime television, including nearly every show on ABC. 

Yet, other than an initial article and review of the first episode, The AV Club has been mysteriously speechless about...well...Speechless.

Speechless is a new award-winning show centered around the life of a family, the oldest son of which has Cerebral Palsy. The character in question, JJ Dimeo, is played by Micah Fowler, the first teenager with Cerebral Palsy to play a main character in primetime television.

The show is received critical acclaim for being the first of its kind and for its unabashed bashing of ableist social norms while also taking the time to bash the other extreme, over-advocacy and hypersensitivity. For this disabled college student, it is an extremely liberating show which means more to me and the disabled community than abled people can possibly imagine.

Yet despite the show's constant warnings on how to avoid ableist tendencies, The AV Club has still managed to completely avoid reviewing the series' episodes, despite reviewing almost every other show on ABC. One can always speculate as to why this is but I'm not here to accuse. (I'm sort of here to accuse.) 

I'm here to ask The AV Club to please watch and review ABC's Speechless; preferably via a disabled writer. Heck, as a disabled writer, I would be willing to write the reviews for free. The show needs someone like The AV Club to acknowledge it and, quite frankly, so does the disabled community. This isn't a show that can be swept under the radar. It's one of the only shows the disabled community has and it's imperative that The AV Club recognize this.

And so, I am officially calling on The AV Club to stop being speechless about Speechless.

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