Get Cleveland High Schools Choir Room The Very Over-due and Necessary Renovations

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Cleveland High school is an amazing school with many programs to brag about, one of the amazing programs being, the choir department. The choir department consist of three amazing choirs; Ebony & Ivory, Silhouettes, and Renaissance Show Choir. These choirs are filled with highly dedicated and hardworking students who have an insane love for the arts, they also bring home several awards every year, and with their current directors Chip Atha and Rhonda Ferguson, the choir department only plans on growing. 

With an outstanding program growing rapidly, the concerns of the students, teachers, and students-parents are growing even faster. The choir room is in desperate need for renovations and general improvement, due to the fact that it hasn't been renovated in such long time. Built-in risers installed years ago are covered in nasty carpeting that is ripped up with nails sticking out, the choir room tile flooring is half-ripped up, from where a not finished renovation took place years ago, which also left nails sticking out of the floor. The choir room walls have chipped, old, dingy paint, that creates a negative environment. This not only causes a huge safety hazard for students, but also keeps students from feeling like their program is cared about. Also, students are required to dance the majority of the class period in Renaissance, however, it seems that the air works in the lunch room and hallways but is completely neglected in the choir room. Students are often over heated and miserable, resulting in them dancing in other rooms, which is completely inconvenient. 

The students, teachers, student-parents, community, and general lovers of the arts are asking for a change and now! Years of being ignored, looked over, and told to wait are over! WE WANT CHANGE! 

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