fuel prices below R12 across all provinces of South Africa

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It comes on the back of April's VAT increase, to 15 percent. The fuel levy was also increased. For three months in a row since January,  we have seen petrol price cuts, however, the two increase in the months of April and now in May took us above the price we had last year December.

The new petrol price hike will see people around Johannesburg paying around R15.60 per litre and before we know it, the price will hit a new record high of R20. now that the oil companies have conditioned us to believe that they can increase prices whenever they want, we need to hit them with a strategy that will work in our favor. let us take aggressive action to prove that buyers have power and control. 

here's an idea of how we can accomplish this easy mission. for the rest of the yeat, do not purchase fuel from BP, the biggest price-up driver company. This will force them to drop their prices and others will follow the path. let us fight the pocket breaking fuel prices. let us refuse to exploited for driving cars.

no more buying from BP until we see the price drops to R12 per litre.