Introduce Hourly Subscription option to freelancers, lone wolves for ALL Autodesk Software

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Autodesk software programs are costly!

Only big companies with regular projects can afford to buy them and keep a sensible profit margin. Individual professionals, freelancers and lone wolves who would like to take side projects or who want to try something every now and then cannot buy a monthly or annual subscription so that just in case they may use it someday. 

For example, I use Revit on a daily basis but rarely open AutoCAD Civil 3D and 3DS Max. But for some workflows in peculiar projects, I may need them. I could install them and keep them in my machine but never use it. So buying an entire AEC Premium or Ultimate package is not a wise option for me. 

Revit is their most popular software among AEC Professionals. A lot of new customers will come on board if there is a reasonable price. Autodesk's current annual subscription is priced around $2250 for the Revit Suite and $900 for BIM 360 Design. Please check the and or for the prices of bids posted there. People are bidding for $5 and $10 for hourly jobs and how do you imagine them to buy a subscription with their random income!? Obviously, they are either creating fake student accounts with a .edu email account or using Pirated software with Keygen. 

But there are a lot of honest professionals who would like to pay for the software but only didn't because of the huge price you put in your label. Needless to mention not all software is available to all regions and countries and languages. When will BIM 360 Design come to India, so two freelancers or former colleagues can collaborate on a Side project and earn some bucks? 

So If Autodesk introduces hourly subscription packages and says for $1 per hour, it would still be possible to use the software legally and earn revenue from the projects.

I come to the figure $1 because I did a rough calculation to divide the number of hours you work in a day in the particular software 9 hours and assuming a person works 365 days a year.

Revit Annual Subscription USD 2,250.00
BIM 360 Design Annual Subscription USD 900.00
Total cost per person USD 3,150.00
Per day cost if you use them all 365 days USD 8.63
Per hour cost if you use them 9 hours a day USD 0.96

You can choose $1 per software like $1 for Revit/hour and $0.5 for AutoCAD/hour and if the user uses both of them for an hour in a day for that she/he/they is/are billed $1.5 for that session.

Now comes the tricky part, nobody wants to see a long list of credit card statement for every dollar and penny spent OR every hour worked. So the smart way is to use prepaid/prepurchased credit system like Cloud rendering credit points. I can buy 100 hours of Revit and recharge it later when I need more. Or transfer it to 200 hours of AutoCAD easily in my account profile. It should all work seamlessly and effortlessly and automatedly. It is far better than the monthly or annual subscription model in the same manner as a restaurant trying to sell me their buffet coupon but I only want a McDonald's Burgers!

Deliver the software in a way that it will only work with an active internet connection just to verify the license information every minute. And make the billing by calculating the number of hours used. You don't need to be so picky to keep a minute calculator like the one comes with the desktop client. But an hourly calculator with a threshold of 5 minutes is enough. Because there is no way to identify with Revit version a particular RFA or RVT file is in a smart way!

But please also keep the Regular subscription models for Big Businesses! Let the customers choose what they want! And if Autodesk is worried if they might use a lot of revenue when Big Business cut down their costs with this method, then they can use some wise ideas like hourly subscription model is only available to a limited group of people such as the following list. 

1.Non-Domain / Non-Workgroup users on a Windows Operating System. 

2. Users with personal email addresses like or

3. A limited number of seats purchasable form a custom domain Users. Eg. Only 5 licenses can be purchased for users form a particular web domain like or addresses. This is particularly useful for startup firms who struggle to kick off their first projects. 

4. Unique credit card or debit card payment method linked with each account like your Apple or Netflix Account. So you won't give away or share your license with multiple people fearing they might use the card details for other purchases!

I don't know how viable are these restrictions or ideas for Autodesk. But please, let us know if you have a roadmap for hourly subscription packages. That's all we ask!

Thank you!