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Bring Back 123D Sculpt+!

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Recently, the app Autodesk 123D Sculpt+ was removed from the App store, Google Play Store, Windows store and anywhere else that it was accessible. Now, you may be asking, what's so important about this app? Why don't you use something else? Well, to myself and many others, Autodesk 123D Sculpt + was the only free, and fun 3D sculpting app out there. And, it's not just aspiring artists that enjoyed this app's uses and presence.

The way I was introduced to the app was by my wonderful 8th grade art teacher. By doing this, he taught everyone in the grade that it was not impossible to create these awesome 3D creations. Eventually, he even got a 3D printer and printed the best designs! But now, he can't. This brings up the idea of the other apps again. When you have roughly 200 students with only access to iPads, that limits you. The school doesn't want to spend that much money on an app and, there's pretty much like 3 apps for 3D sculpting available on and for the iPad. Never mind, now 2. Why 2? Autodesk 123D Sculpt + has been removed and it was the ONLY free one that actually worked well. 

Now, we get to probably the most annoying thing on the app. The community. Please, Autodesk, if this is the one thing that caused you to rid this app from your extensive list of programs, get rid of it, but keep the app! 

Now, I understand it if Autodesk can't bring it back but, please. It's worth a try. Many artists relied and learned a lot from this app, I am one of those people. So, whether or not you were a user of this app, please find it in yourself to sign this petition. You're helping students and artists alike. 

Thank you.

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