Stop Auto Insurance Companies From Pushing Dangerous Repairs

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Stop Auto Insurance Companies From Pushing Dangerous Repairs

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Automobile insurance companies currently increase their profits by pressuring auto body shops into repairs utilizing inferior, counterfeit, used and/or damaged parts in auto body repairs which is dangerous for drivers. Their profit motives don't end there. They also force shop owners into using sub standard labor by refusing to pay shops actual labor costs. For body shops who opt out of auto insurance "preferred programs", insurance companies deny claims, extend estimate approval times and return estimates coercing shops to do repairs using aftermarket, used and refurbished parts which are improperly manufactured. Auto insurance companies are abusing their power and they must be stopped.

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Dear Senator, 

NJ needs stronger laws against insurance fraud. Currently, auto insurance companies in NJ and across the country, can force auto repair facilities into using inferior aftermarket, used and damaged parts when repairing a damaged vehicle. This poses serious dangers to both the driver of the repaired vehicle and the public at large. In addition, insurance companies across the country are refusing to pay the labor costs necessary for making proper repairs to damaged vehicles. This misguided approach, for the sole purpose of increasing profit margins, leaves our entire nation in danger. 

We seek your leadership in resolving these issues. Not only do the practices, propegated by the auto insurance industry, destroy small businesses but they also put the public at large in harms way. Please help our state become a beacon for what's right. 

Thank You For Your Time,

Concerned Citizens (Your Name Here)


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This petition had 8 supporters

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