Automobile Insurance Act (O​.​C. 2019-214 Needs to Change NOW! - SIGN HERE!

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On December 28, 2019 my sister was driving my two nieces to pick up a friend. As they entered the community of Whiteway, NL, my sister indicated to turn left into the driveway. As she turned, the driver behind her passed in a 50km zone on a solid line demolishing her car and leaving her in great pain. The fault determination regulations state that she (my sister) is 75% at fault while the other driver is only 25% at fault. Essentially this means that anytime you make a left hand turn, anyone can pull out and hit you and you will be 75% at fault. Please note that in this diagram there is a broken line- the driver that hit my sister passed on a solid line. I want to ask you to please sign this petition to have this regulation changed in the Fault Determination Regulations under the Automobile Insurance Act (O.C. 2019-214).
(6) Where the incident occurs when automobile A is turning left at a private road or a driveway and automobile B is overtaking automobile A to pass it
(a) the driver of automobile A is 75% at fault for the incident; and
(b) the driver of automobile B is 25% at fault for the incident.

Please share and sign below if you support this recommended change. I believe most people are unaware of this Act. It's time for this to change. Thank you