Autism Speaks Help Clean Up Your Mess, And Help End Preventable Illness Epidemics!

Autism Speaks Help Clean Up Your Mess, And Help End Preventable Illness Epidemics!

December 16, 2019
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Started by Eve Reiland

Autism Speaks help clean up your mess!

The time is now to demand Autism Speaks show repentance and pay reparations for the outbreaks and deaths from formerly eradicated diseases such as measles, pertussis, mumps and polio.

For years Autism Speaks has pushed the theory that vaccines cause Autism. The theory was promoted, marketed and caused panic about Autism worldwide. Many parents were taught to believe their Autistic children were ‘vaccine-injured’ and needed to see special doctors for ‘healing and recovery.’ The fear generated an incredible buzz about Autism, and also generated an incredible amount of donations that never returned to local communities.

One of the loudest proponents, and vicious, over the years is Bob and Suzanne Wright’s daughter, Katie Wright. She is the mother of their grandson, Christian.

The family had a fallout over the research direction of Autism in 2007, and where dollars should be granted.

Publicly, Autism Speaks separated ways from Katie Wright, famous for her activities with the “Mercury Mafia,” and a prominent person in JB Handley and Jenny McCarthy’s infamous charity: Generation Rescue. She even had Andrew Wakefield as one of the doctors for her son.

The separation allowed Katie Wright to have free reign with sharing her vaccine-injury belief without tarnishing the public image of Autism Speaks.

In Katie Wright’s own words, during a 2007 interview with David Kirby, ” I’m here speaking as a parent. I’m not a representation of the organization (Autism Speaks), and I don’t have to answer to anybody.

But even as Autism Speaks pushed out Bob Wright’s daughter, it continued to quietly fund research into environmental causes of autism, including vaccines. They also worked with others who shared the same theory.

This prompted Autism Speaks Executive Vice President, Alison Singer, to resign with an email to Bob and Suzanne Wright:



“I’ve concluded that as a matter of personal conscience, I cannot vote in favor of dedicating more funds to vaccine research that has already been undertaken and which I and many others find conclusive,” her message read. “I feel compelled to offer my resignation.”

-- Alison Singer


From 2007 to 2011, Autism Speaks spent minimum $2.5 million on research devoted to environmental causes.

Katie Wright told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 2009 that her father “believes there is a place for genetic research, but he realizes the dire need to finance the environmental research because that is what affects our children now.”


“The Lovaas that was frequently quoted to me. … if you could just good early intervention, which everybody is for, and we got for him, …there’s a 50% chance he’ll be a typical child in 5 years. So that sounded like good odds. Little did I know that’s never been replicated. … and, you know, didn’t include kids like Christian.”

Katie Wright, daughter of Autism Speaks founders, Bob and Suzanne Wright.



Autistic activists and allies are still fighting the harm of this belief system pushed by Autism Speaks, it’s founding family, many on it’s board of directors and parent members today.

And it doesn’t stop with lies about vaccines. It gets even worse for Autistic children. Parents who believe their children are ‘vaccine-injured’ often turn to biomedical treatment that often results in illness and even death.

They are taught the signs of distress from the treatment is really a sign of it working.

These cures said to ‘strip the Autism parasites’ from their children, or ‘reduce the vaccine toxins in their brain.’ Other popular toxic treatments are turpentine, chelation and many more.

You can see the work of Autistic activist, Amanda Seigler, and ally, Melissa Eaton, on a recent Dr. Oz episode and in many news articles battling the harm and reporting abuse.

Activists efforts in this area have gotten many pseudoscience and quackery books off Amazon, Ebay and other merchandise sites. Also the advocacy work has been successful in removing antivaxxers and bleach peddlers from Facebook, YouTube, and many other social media platforms.

These successes are due to Autistic activists networked worldwide to stop this abuse. Emma Dalmayne and Fiona O’Leary, and many more who remain anonymous, have been fighting toxic cures and harm for years now.

Recently activists were successful in prompting the FDA to release the warning on MMS again. Now Facebook and other platforms have included a community guideline to banish the quackery, and created a special ‘report user’ category specific to MMS.

The false fears over vaccines started in 1998 when Andrew Wakefield released a report that vaccines cause Autism. He was later found to be a liar and fraud, and the UK struck him off the list and he was banned from practicing medicine. That didn’t deter Wakefield’s followers. They claimed Big Pharma conspiracy to counter naysayers.

To make matters worse, Autism Speaks valued its board member’s opinions over the facts presented by their scientists.

In a recent article, John Elder Robison said, “One source of frustration that caused several people to leave Autism Speaks was the fact that the scientists don’t actually have the final say in what research is funded.

“At the time, Mr. Wright and the organization’s executive board had the final say, and some members of the executive board have held anti-vax viewpoints, and some may hold such viewpoints today. I don’t know.”

Bob and Suzanne Wright’s wealth and power gave them open access to influence world leaders and big business people, including Donald Trump, their opinion on the ‘autism epidemic.’

In 2012 a reporter asked Trump for his thoughts on the rising prevalence of autism, Trump referred to the Wrights by name:

“Well, I’ve been very much involved in it over the years. I have some great friends, Bob and Suzanne Wright, who used to head up NBC, as you remember, and they’ve really devoted their life to autism.

“They’ve had a serious event take place in their family, and they’re fantastic people, and I’ve helped them over the years, and we’ve had fundraisers at Mar-a-Lago and other places, and I’ve gotten to be pretty familiar with the subject.

“And, you know, I have a theory, and it’s a theory that some people believe in, and that’s the vaccinations.”



Autism Speaks isn’t just a charity to help Autistic kids. It is one of the largest private backers of autism research in the United States.

Autism Speaks merged several Autism charities on it’s founding so they could become became the strongest voice and influence in all matters related to Autism and Autistic people. This organization has created a monopoly on all matters pertaining to our lives.

Autism Speaks has yet to be transparent about their activities, show any redemption (Bob Wright double-speaking through gritted teeth on the Today Show, followed up the next month by Robert DeNiro and the propaganda piece, “Vaxxed,” doesn’t count), and step up to help correct this mess of illness and death from preventable diseases with a solid, good and accurate campaign about the importance and safety of vaccines.

Right now, it’s a handful of doctors, scientists, health advocates and Autistic Activists fighting to stop the harm happening with outbreaks of preventable illness today. And even less of us fighting to keep safe Autistic children who’s parents believe they can ‘recover and heal’ their Autistic children from the “vaccine-injuries” with toxic and harmful quack therapies.

Regardless of antivaxxer popular opinion, the government does not finance any of activism you see on vaccine importance and safety matters today. And we need the help. Samoa alone has lost 72 people to the recent measles outbreak.Most of the ones lost were children under the age of four.

These deaths are a result of the vaccine fears that Autism Speaks has powered for a generation now. Autism Speaks needs to be held accountable for their actions, and make reparations.

The time is now to end the measles epidemic.

Autism Speaks, the time is now to tell the truth about vaccines, and support a truthful science-backed campaign to combat the misinformation causing so many to become ill and die from preventable illness. Maybe use a few of those celebrity friends to help out. 

Autism Speaks, the time is now to say NO to harming Autistic children with misinformation and toxic cures. The time is now to create and pass legislation to ban these cures in the States.

The time is now to treat Autistics as a people, not a disease. After all, we are the largest minority group on the planet.

Autism Speaks, the time is now to help clean up the mess you instigated. You haven't done nearly enough to put an end to this harm.. 

Autism Speaks, can you hear me? Where are you now?


Eve Reiland

Founder of


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