Russian DogVille. We demand punishment for abusers!

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Young Vika is 19 years old and she lives in Vladikavkaz, Russia. She is autistic. She does not know how to complain, does not recognize bad people, who can hurt her, she does not know the word “claim”.

Disaster had happened in February 2017 and lasted for 4 months. She was regularly raped by males, her neighbors and friends. The youngest was 15 years old. The oldest – 35 years old. There was one famous sportsmen, other men have families and are raising little children.

If she refused to have sex, this people hit her, hurt her physically and destroyed flat, where she was living.

Others acted like souteneurs, and were taking money from those, who wanted to have sex with her.

Vika’s mother was in Moscow. She had to go there with Vika’s youngest brothers, who are autistic too.

Children needed special treatment. Unfortunately, something went wrong and Vika’s mother, Zalina Dudujeva, had to stay in Moscow with her sons, while Vika was staying at home. Zalina called to Vika every evening, but Vika had not told anything.

Vika’s mother have asked friend of her to take care for Vika. But the friend had not noticed anything wrong for a long time. When she was with Vika, abusers knocked at the door, but never entered the flat.

Vika’s father left the family as soon as he had known the diagnoses of three children. Zalina has not autistic daughter, but this girl is living with father now.

When Zalina came back she found a mess in the flat. It looked awful, everything was broken, and there were paintings on the walls. She found used condoms on the floor of the flat.

Vika could not explain anything. She was just crying all the time.

Zalina gave her a pen and asked to describe what have happened when she and her sons were in Moscow.

Vika wrote down her story and Zalina went to the police.

On July 7, 2017 police has brought criminal case upon violent acts of sexual nature. On interrogation young people whom Vika has specified in a note, have said that everything was by agreement. The investigator has asked Duduyeva: "Do you want to put all city?" and on May 5 the case was closed in the absence of evidence of a crime.


All this time Zalina has been forced to wander with children on acquaintances, to live in the monastery and half-way house as their apartment has been completely destroyed.


Any of tyrants isn't made responsible. All of them have bailed. Moreover, they continue to threaten Zalina and to pursue her daughter. Many tyrants filmed the crimes, and now threaten with the publication of video in network. On May 30 the ICR has resumed investigation and has changed the investigator in this case, however so far none of tyrants are connected to the case as the suspect — all of them are witnesses.

We demand fair investigation of rape of the Vika, Zalina’s daughter!

We also demand granting other housing to her in safer for her the region!


In Russia today lives the great number of children with mental disorders. Crimes against them should not remain unpunished. After the death of parents they remain absolutely defenseless. But it doesn't mean that other have right to treat people with mental disorders the same as Zalina's daughter.


Materials about Vika and investigation of this case: