Justice for Ibaad!

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As you all know, the life of an innocent child has been taken away on May 13 2020. This child had a long life ahead of him but was brutally murdered over a trivial matter. Kids get into fights but that does NOT give anyone the right to murder an innocent child. This child was only 15 years old and did nothing to deserve a painful death. His family can't even mourn properly because they very well know that Ibaad's murderers are still out there. Ibaad unfortunately died but his two friends are in the hospital in critical condition. Those kids will also be traumatized for the rest of their lives. It has been said by many that this wasn't an accident rather it was a hit and run situation. Close ones to Ibaad have mentioned that he had an argument with one of his peers from school, and the same peer of his had went and explained this issue to his own father which had caused the father to kill Ibaad out of rage by crashing into the car that Ibaad and his friends were in on purpose. Some have also said that after the accident, the father and son duo stepped out of their own car to check if the teenagers they were chasing were dead or not then proceeded to beat them as well to make sure that they would die. Ultimately this is all speculation however if there is an underlying truth to any of this then strict measures need to be implemented against the perpetrators. No one is aware about the whereabouts of the barbaric animals that have caused this tragedy as they are currently fugitives but as soon as they're caught, they need to be given the worst punishment according to Canada's criminal code which would be a life sentence as it is truly the only way that Ibaad and his family will get justice. By signing this petition, superior judges will be pressured to announce this sentence for the ones that are guilty.