Water conservation in Jaipur

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In the past decade, ground water has constantly been depleting. At this point there is no water left for the bare minimum. Looking at the current state of Chennai, it brings me great fear to see this coming towards all the parts of the country. Let’s work towards appealing to the authorities to help resolve the water crisis so we can move towards a better and restored future for the world and ourselves. I request you to kindly sign this petition and join me in our quest to save OUR home. Let’s not make this political. Let your emotions be the first priority and think lovingly for the home we abide in, it needs our help.

This petition isn’t against the authorities , it is to ask for help regarding the severe water problem our country is about to face in the next 5 years and it can become irreversible soon. It is to tell them that a lot of us are interested in Cooperating together and find solutions for daily lives and get alert and acknowledged on a bigger scale. We thought that doing are part is enough but current situations don’t seem to work on that basis. 

Many people asked us, “are you trying to become an activist?” We want to ask these people, do you have to be an activist to help the home you live in ? This little effort isn’t for just you and I but for a better society as we will pass but the coming generations will face terrible challenges.  And honestly this is for each and everyone. You are just helping yourself.

Possible Outcome : 

So we have just filed this petition in the hope of having a number of people sign up for this cause, we are planning to write a letter to the authorities, requesting them to at least start planning solutions which can be feasible for the public. To let them know that people are wanting help regarding the water conservation and it can only be done on a bigger and practically effective scale when they help us, as they have the resources to make it happen. 

WE still are trying to figure out and learn more regarding such petitions and solutions to connect people. WE need you, to give us ideas, solutions and hope that things can change for the good and better. We know this is just another petition on the list of a million but at least we can try with a smaller group, maybe it works. Do consider. 

Thank you

Ps : Still Figuring out the letter and will update soon. 

The other Whoman.