Placement in Our College CIEM

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I am student of CIEM.When I got admission I was promised that I will get placement from this college.After some days I began to realise that the story is entirely different,placement is merely a myth in CIEM.Fake campussing, not getting offer letters even after cracking interviews and much more stories from my seniors.

Now the point is if CIEM can't afford placements (be it due to any reasons) why do they make fake promises to students taking admission?Another point being the so called 'Banner' which is clearly visible to anyone entering the college tells that the college gives 87.5% placement.And that is the myth of the century!Why would have the students been protesting if they have got such n number of companies for placement?

Coming to this year's scenario,there has been a few pooled campuses(for CSE,IT,ECE and in some companies only for CSE,IT).Many students of final year have presented the documents to the college Management team about a number of companies coming to other private Engineering colleges for on-campus placements.Even after a number of mails,messages and meetings,the college provided no gurantee about on-campus placements.
Here arises two points-
1)Why are the well known software and IT companies or MNCs not being brought to the college for campussing?The college Management is not even showing any promising information regarding placement scenario of current year!
2)What about the core companies for campussing of EE,ICE and CIVIL departments?Not a single on/off/pooled campus placement has been comducted for them till now.

After waiting for this long,the students decided to protest against the college Management. Their demand was clear enough-"We want written confirmation about the number of companies coming to the college for placement of current year."But the management didn't cooperated with the students and refused to sign any petition or promise anything about placements. Hence the students locked the main gate of CIEM from 2 pm onwards on 30th August, 2019,demanding justice for them,demanding a promising letter or notification about placements of current year from the college Management team.But it resulted in calling of police by the college Management team and harassing the students and even some faculty members,to open the college gate and stop the protest.Meanwhile the college's secretary was safeguarded outside of the college premises by the police.Some video footages even show how male police officers harassed some female students as well as faculty members!

A protest demanding legit rights for the placements of students resulted in harassment of students by Police!

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