Save Illinois prisoners at risk from Covid before more deaths occur

Save Illinois prisoners at risk from Covid before more deaths occur

July 3, 2020
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Director of Illinois Department of Corrections Rob Jeffries and 2 others
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Started by Shut Down Vienna Prison

                     No Covid “Death Sentences” in Illinois Prisons
MY SIGNATURE HERE MEANS THAT I AM ASKING YOU, Governor JB Pritzker, to effect these already legal measures: to release prisoners, to stop quarantining them under dangerous conditions so that there can be some social distancing, and to test, trace and use PPE. 
1. Release on medical furlough anyone with physical conditions making them vulnerable to death by COVID until such time as authorities deem the threat from the virus is over. Illinois abolished the death penalty: no one should be given a death sentence by Covid-19.
2.  Restore the 180 days earned discretionary credits of Good Time where eligible. 
3. Release anyone over 55 with less than a year on their sentence.
4. Release anyone within three months of their sentence completion.
5. All releases should have the least restrictive conditions possible, so as to allow those released to be able to seek medical attention and contribute to family finances.
6. Provide testing for all prisoners who want to be tested, and regularly test all staff. Combine this with robust contact tracing, when anyone tests positive. Make the test results public, including number of tests, number  of positive/negative/pending, and deaths.
7. Stop quarantining sick people in solitary confinement cells, and house them in a setting such as the health care unit where they can be observed and receive any needed medical  treatment on a timely basis. 
8. Close down prisons, like Vienna, that can no longer be run as a safe institution. 
IDOC has released 1,000 prisoners when 10,000 to 15,000 are eligible according to already existing legislation or governor’s orders.


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Signatures: 1,916Next Goal: 2,500
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Decision Makers

  • Rob JeffriesDirector of Illinois Department of Corrections
  • Michael LaneCorrections Dept. Director
  • Shelith HansbroConfidential Assistant to director of IDOC