Have AUT return to the traditional university semester model.

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AUT University has announced the deployment of a block learning approach to teaching.

One of the main reasons I chose to attend AUT was because of its Capstone projects, or its Research and Development projects, where I got to spend a year working with an external client. Others got placed in internships, or researched innovative technologies. 

I have been a student ambassador, and taken hundreds of students on their first steps into our university. I know each of you has a unique story, a unique background and a unique circumstances. I can not speak to all of your reasons for joining us at AUT. But I urge you to speak now.

AUT has changed from a traditional semester based system, into a system with 8 'blocks', in which you will complete a single paper to "gain a sense of consistent achievement".

A quote released in a letter from the Vice-Chancellor and President of the Student Association, "Say ‘goodbye’ to the stress of juggling multiple papers and having assessments due at the same time.". Raises more questions than answers.

  • Obviously year long projects will not fit into a four week block. The university has failed to address this.
  • AUT has also failed to address students who take more than 120 points per year. 
  • AUT has failed to address students who need to work during their studies

Please sign and share, so we can get some clarity on what the quality of our learning and qualifications will be based on.