AUT to bring back the Block Study Plan

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AUT University has reversed the decision of a block learning approach to teaching. An approach that gave the hope to a lot of students to continue their semester in this difficult time. We all know how relieved we were when it was announced and felt proud of AUT to take a lead and come up with this great idea. Here are some key points of this petition:


1) I agree that AUT should have involved students on a larger scale when deciding about a block study plan

2) Having said so, the block study plan was new and obviously raised some questions but in the end, it makes sense logically (at least in most aspects).

3) Block learning will allow students to focus on only one paper at a time before moving onto the next one.

4) Since most of the courses (if not 100%) will be done online, it is difficult for students to do four papers together.

5) Yes, there are some issues that needed to be fixed, like R&D papers and other research papers which normally take longer, but in difficult times like this, obviously, we cannot expect things to proceed exactly as they were in good times. 


The real concern here is that just because of a few loud voices (eg AUT Computer Science Student President), who started a petition and flooded Discord's read-only forums with a link to sign it. And finally, AUT surrendered to these voices and reversed the decision. 

Did anyone started a petition to seek how many people support the plan ? Any survey from AUT to ask students if they are satisfied with the new plan and if really want to go to the traditional semester-based system? 

Where is the voice of students who support this block study plan? Yes, we agree with the Vice-chancellor statement "Say ‘goodbye’ to the stress of juggling multiple papers and having assessments due at the same time." 


Obviously, we would like to get the block study plan back but with consensus. We want AUT to send out a survey to see what students want? How do they want to continue? Which idea they support Traditional semester or Block study.

We are proud of AUT to come up with this great idea and support it. It is designed for us, for our convenience, keeping us as a priority. Let's not get it hijacked by a group of loud voices.


If you support the idea, please do share it with your networks. We do not have big discord forums to circulate the links, so please help to share this.