Quad bikes will not be available after 20/10/21 due to a new ACCC legislation imposed

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Due to the new legislation, ( F2019L01321 on the Federal Register of Legislation) meaning new Quad bikes will have to be sold with Rollover Protection, all major Quad Bike Distributors have withdrawn from the Australian market. Australia is only 2.8% of the Global market, so the other 97.2% of the global market does not have a problem with Quad bikes as they are sold from the factory.

Incorrect statistics and no consultation with Rural Australia were some of the faults in coming to the decision to sign off on the legislation and professional global advice was not listened or adhered to, add to this the fact the people who were instrumental in the change of legislation had no idea what they were talking about.

Farmers were never asked before this legislation was passed, so this means higher operating expenses for all Farming Businesses, along with decreased productivity and efficiency on all Farming Businesses that use Quad bikes. Farmers do not want a bar of it.

Many rural motorcycle businesses which support the Ag industry throughout Australia may have to close the doors as Quad bikes are in many cases at least 40% if not more of there turnover.. Add to this the mass unemployment within the 6 major brands plus several more reputable Asian brands.

The Government has not factored in the massive loss to them, which will have to be paid for by the Australian tax payer, in the unemployment benefits to ex-employees of the motorcycle industry, lost import duties, gst, company taxes, and associated companies who freight and supply accessories to over 11000 quad bikes annually in Australia.

Please help us save more financial stress on farmers as well as more rural agriculture businesses closing the doors by signing the petition, and filling out the survey to acquire correct statistics which can be found on www.savethequadbikeinaustralia.com.au or Facebook Save The Quad Bike in Australia to keep up with news and updates.