Putting CBD/THC oil on the PBS.

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I am a fifty-eight year old mother of four children and married thirty years. In the last eight I have been suffering from extreme mental health issues eg suicidality, depression, anxiety and cronhic pain. I am medication resistant so have had no relief from conventional medication. My Psychiatrist suggested trying CBD:THC oil as a last resort. After taking it for two months my life has taken a dramatic change. No self-harm, depression lifted and now no anxiety plus the added benefit of improved sleep. It is not on the PBS though is approved by the TGA. It costs $300 a month which places it outside of so many Australians affordability. It shouldn’t be just for those that can afford it but available to all just like benzodiazepines and antidepressants are. They often have unintended side effects whereas CBD has none. The benefits for relief of MS Symptoms and cancer patients pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy is well researched and scientifically proven.