Tell Prime Minister Scott Morrison to Speak-up and Oppose Labor's Gender Ideology Policy

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Prime minister Scott Morrison has accepted victory in the 2019 federal election and the up-coming final results will determine whether the Liberals will form a majority or minority government. While there are good prospects for a majority, the outcome will not stop Labor from their relentless fight to introduce new bills that undermine traditional Australian values and threaten the family. The push for gender ideology policies will continue. We must continue to voice our concerns as follows:

In May, Professor John Whitehall explained to Alan Jones Labor's undisclosed plans to change the face of Australia with gender ideology policy. It would become illegal to publicly refute gender ideology and broadcasts that do so would be restricted. Parents would need to apply to a registrar to have their new baby's gender recorded on their birth certificate. Radical sex education would become compulsory nationally in schools under the guise of anti-bullying programs. It would be illegal to give so-called conversion therapy to gender confused children and adults.

Previous Labor leader Bill Shorten had refused to comment on the gender issue  prior to the election. Scott Morrison made very encouraging remarks in his acceptance speech in support of the family and the preservation of the Australian way of life. We must continue to encourage our prime minister to take a forthright stance on gender ideology and free speech when required.

Alan Jones aired an interview with Professor John Whitehall discussing these issues in depth on 2GB on Monday 13/5/19 <top>

Thank you for taking action for the preservation of our free nation Australia.