Facebook, please stop censoring vaccine-critical discussions

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There are attempts being made to coerce Facebook and other social media sites to censor and suppress the discussion of scientific issues surrounding vaccine safety and effectiveness.

We at the Australian Vaccination-risks Network, Inc. (AVN), Australia's largest and only national volunteer-run vaccine safety and health rights organisation, represent tens of thousands of Australian families who have had loved ones die or become permanently disabled as a result of vaccine reactions.

We believe that all medical procedures must be a matter of free and informed choice and that no one has the right to withhold any data on this or any other medical procedure - especially when that procedure is being recommended for every single man, woman and child in a country.

Please FaceBook, do not give in to the forces of tyranny. In fact, I would urge you to help spread the message that vaccine injuries are real and that informed choice is something to be cherished and encouraged.

For those whose children have reacted to vaccines, ensure that these reactions are reported at this link to both the Australian TGA and the AVN. And for anyone requiring further information on the harms vaccines can cause, click here.

The AVN National Committee