Reduce Tuition Fees for University Students

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Due to the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), many universities have transitioned to online learning from face-to-face education in a proactive measure. This is an extremely considerate and respected action taken as an organisation, but also arises a serious issue in quality of education students are facing. 

Online delivery of education have and will greatly impact students' learning experience. The quality of education is not up to the standard students expect for such high cost of tuition fees due to many reasons including technical difficulties and lost clarity of communication a face-to-face learning provides. Students no longer have as much access to amenities and services available on campus as they would normally have (for example, courses such as digital media related which require provision of essential professional devices during classes are also transferred to online thus such devices are no longer provided to aid their learnings).

Not to mention that universities will be benefiting from reduced running costs of facilities from this change including electricity, air-conditioning, water usage, and less maintenance just to name a few. Despite such impact and educational impairment, there has not been a single change made to tuition fees. 

Furthermore, as a result of national shut-down announced by Australia's Prime Minister today, a significant number of students are facing loss of shifts, or even unemployment. Many students, whether local or international, rely heavily on income from their part-time or casual employment to afford their living costs and tuition fees.

Universities and tertiary education organisations must take into consideration these financial struggles and educational impairments students are facing, and make a reduction in tuition fees or provide partial refunds for fees already paid.