Impose a Sugar Tax on Sugar-Filled Drinks

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Currently in Australia, there is a devastating number of our population which is overweight. We are one of the leading countries in terms of obesity rates, as 28% of all Australian adults and over 25% of Australian children are overweight or obese. Along with obesity comes a variety of health issues, inclusive of (but not limited to) type two diabetes, some forms of cancer and heart disease.

So what do we have to blame for these alarming statistics? The simple answer is sugar. It's in almost everything we consume. Although the levels of sugar in processed food are scary, the levels found in beverages are worse. Drinks sweetened with sugar in various forms are some of the biggest culprits within this issue and they are affecting our community.

We propose a tax that will be presented in the form of a 20% increase to the retail price levied on water-based beverages with more than 5g of added sugar per 100ml. 

With this tax in place, it is predicted that consumption levels of sugar-sweetened drinks will drop by 12%, therefore reducing obesity cases nationwide by more than 1% - leading to a happier, healthier life for hundreds of thousands of people not just in major cities, but in your community too.  

So please, help people around our country to live a higher quality of life. Sign this petition and make a change.