Keep Australian Dairy Farmers producing fresh milk for Australians with fair prices

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To the Management of Australian Supermarkets,

Australian dairy farmers are being bankrupted by your price wars on milk.  Eight years ago, Australia had nearly 7,000 dairy farming families.  Now there are just over 5,500 left. That’s 20% of Australian Dairy farms have stopped producing milk.

Woolworths have increased the price of milk by ten cents a litre, with all the money going directly to the farmers that supply them.  Coles and Aldi should do the same.

By refusing to follow suit, you are saying that you intend to pursue a policy of predatory pricing against Australian farmers and their families. This is inexcusable and unAustralian.

We call on you to raise the price of you own brand milk by at least 10 cents per litre and pass all of the additional revenue directly to farmers.  Show us that is worthy of our trust and custom.

As Australian consumers we choose to still have fresh Australian grown milk in years to come.