Support a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption

Support a Federal Independent Commission Against Corruption

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Sally Woodward started this petition to Australian Senators

We the undersigned, support a National Integrity Commission.

As our representatives, we ask MPs in the Senate and House of Representatives to vote for Senator Waters’ National Integrity Commission Bill.

Politicians have refused to establish an anti-corruption body

There have been calls for a federal anti-corruption watchdog for many years. However, both Labor and the Coalition have done everything possible to avoid it, including:

  • Telling us we don’t need it because federal politicians are “pretty clean” – or as Anthony Albanese said “I have not seen any evidence of direct corruption … that has been proven in my time when I’ve been in parliament”…
    Perhaps, Albo, there’s no evidence because we don’t have an anti-corruption watchdog?
  • Trying to fool us by attempting to set up a weak anti-corruption watchdog lacking in sufficient resourcing, with ‘blinkered’ remit and weak investigative powers that would not have been capable of responding to current corruption threats.

Examples of incidents that need to be investigated

It is becoming more apparent that our politicians are shrouding their actions in secrecy, and have slowly ‘de-fanged’ any bodies that could hold them to account. Federal politicians are not immune from corruption. A few examples:

  • Misappropriation of water from Murray-Darling by coalition donors.
  • The awarding of a $500m contract to a company with an address registered to a beach shack on Kangaroo Island.
  • Senator Cash’s expenditure of $800K of taxpayer money to avoid giving evidence in Court.
  • The $444m given to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation without tender – money which should have been given to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Out politicians are not being held to account

It is clear that Australia needs a powerful federal anti-corruption organisation that champions the interests of its citizens and seeks out, exposes and punishes those involved in political corruption.

Australians deserve a best-practice anti-corruption watchdog

The Australian people demand a best practice, world-class anti-corruption watchdog that will create a better future for all Australians. As a minimum, the National Integrity Commission must:

  • Operate at or exceed world’s best practice for such organisations.
  • Be free to proactively investigate any suspicion of corruption related to political parties, politicians, political staffers, political fundraising and management of public sector organisations.
  • Be free to investigate cases raised by the general public.
  • Not have to wait for government approval before it can investigate.
  • Be fully funded, with legislation to prevent future ‘watering-down’ of funding.
  • Have sufficient power – its findings must lead to criminal charges and the Government must be required to enact any recommendations resulting from an investigation.
  • Be accountable to the public – there must be some form of public oversight that reviews performance to ensure governments can’t stack the staff with people who will ignore misdeeds.
  • Be enduring. Important aspects of the legislation should be added to The Constitution so that the approval of the people is needed to weaken its power or ability.

We should be able to trust in the system

The Australian people are disillusioned with Australia’s politicians. We need a National Integrity Commission with extensive powers and full funding, to ensure good governance and ethical behaviour. It is the only thing that will give Australians the confidence to trust in the system again.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!