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Remove the clause that prohibits healthy gay men from being able to donate blood.

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Like myself there are plenty of gay men in Australia who do not have HIV or AIDS, or Hepatitis and are willing to role up their sleeves to donate blood, but are disallowed this action due to the belief that HIV and AIDS are rife in homosexual men.

I am O+ blood type meaning anyone can have my blood, this is the sort of blood type that Red Cross are screaming for, yet won't take because I have male to male sex.

Just because the thought that HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis are more prevelant in homosexual men, many people are dieing because they aren't able to access the necessary blood for transfusions.

Blood stocks are being marketed as dangerously low, yet people like myself who would more than happily donate, are shunned away, due to our sexuality.

The possibility of receiving HIV, AIDS, or Hepatitis from a straight persons donation is still very high.

Transfusions are not given unless there is a very high chance of death due to blood loss, in which case without the transfusion the patient would almost surely die, the ability to be transfused with blood from a healthy gay man could potentially save the patients life.

This is not a fight for gay rights, this is a fight to allow healthy homosexual men the ability to help save the lives of sick and dieing people.

The possibility of saving someones life with a homosexual mans donation is still a possibility of saving someones life.

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