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Reduction in environmental EME Power Density exposure to children

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The increase in the number of Cell Towers is increasing the background levels of EME (Electromagnetic energy). There is a conflict of government policy about the logical placement of Cell Towers. For example; the Education Department of NSW has a policy of not approving of Cell Towers within 500 metres of schools, but councils are not rejecting applications for Developments in the first instance, knowing that the policy exists about the distance exclusion.

Schools have implemented Wi-Fi Systems into schools. The addition of Cell Towers close to schools will increase the background EME in classes and in playgrounds beyond the existing levels, which have already been a concern for parents. Research shows that above averages of exposure to EME includes a higher risk of health danger for children.

The reports by ARPANSA have called for more research to be conducted into the effects of EME on children. Due to the informed "gaps" in knowledge by the regulator a genuine precautionary measure should be in place in relation to child exposure to EME.

While the area of child exposure has broad implications due to the possible sources of exposure, even in their own homes, we should support the known policy of the NSW Education Department as being a standard for the time being until further knowledge is known about the adverse effects of EME on children.

Councils who make the decision about Cell Tower construction through DA's could adopt the 500 metre exclusion zone for schools.

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