In Honoring baby Donald. Build awareness for Meningococcal B World Wide

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After the passing of our 20th month old son, brother, nephew, cousin and grandson Baby Donald due to the Meningococcal B Strain. It is the hardest thing we are going to have to go through. We would like to bring awareness of this terrible disease so no other family have to go through the same tragedy and heartbreak that we are going through. Parents and Careres need to be aware of all the Meningococcal strains and their vaccinations. Baby Donald always had his vaccinations on time, but we were not aware of the meningococcal B strain vaccination as we were never told and there is no awareness about it. This was a very fun loving little boy who loved playing with his two sisters. We want to take this petition straight to Canberra and to the Prime Minister as we feel that the Meningococcal B Strain should be on the immunisation list as you can't put a price on a child's life. Please write your name in honour of Beautiful Baby Donald and tell all your family and friends about this terrible disease.