Save 10​.​000 camels in Australia or they will be shot

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More than 10,000 camels will be shot by professional firearms experts from helicopters to prevent them from drinking too much water in drought-afflicted South Australia. The shooters will begin the cull on Wednesday following an order from Aboriginal leaders in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) lands. Locals have complained that the animals have been entering communities and wreaking havoc as they look for any available water source, including taps and tanks.


The president of the ''Somaliland Camel Herders Association'', Mustafe Cali Deeq, would like the animals to return to where they originally came from, "relocating" them to Africa. In fact, for Somalis they are very precious animals, real status symbols.

In fact camels were introduced to Australia from India and Afghanistan during the 19th century, and were used for transport and construction. 

We have to stop this insanity! Killing animals is not the solution! The fault lies with the human being who had transferred these animals for his own profit and now wants to solve the problem he created by killing them.

Please sign the petition. We have to save them!