Justice for Myanmar

Justice for Myanmar

4 March 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Dr Aye Htun

Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison MP,

You are aware that there was a coup d'etat on 1/2/21 in Myanmar. We have no faith or trust in junta. So people were opposed to military ruling, detention of government officials, activists and other advisors including Australian Financial Advisor Prof Sean Turnell, so doctors started the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) and peacefully demonstrated. Other professionals and community join this movement soon after.

As a result, junta and police force started to massacre protesters including children. The youngest killed was a 14 year old teenager shot in the head. Junta is now using snipers and jet fighters to attack the protesters. Civilians have no chance to retaliate but they persists to fight for human rights and democracy. Total killing is more than 60 civilians and thousands being detained.

Junta also breach Geneva Convention article 19 by shooting at ambulances, brutally abusing on duty medics and paramedics.

This is not a civil war. This is massacre.

New Zealand was the first country to denounce junta and many other countries followed.

However, despite of social outcry and petitions, your government has not been involved in denouncing the Myanmar junta nor junta's massacre. 

We request you

1. Demand the immediate and unconditional release all person's illegally detained by military junta.

2. To support comprehensive, targeted financial sanctions against military, it's leaders, it's business interests and business partners.

3. To condemn any excessive force or demands imposed on any civilian doctors who are performing their legal duties.

4. To refuse to recognised the military regime and cease all military cooperation between Australian Defense Forces and Myanmar military.

5. To urge the United Nations to take immediate actions against junta for their brutal crimes and massacre.

We implore that you act immediately and swiftly as more lives are at risk.

Thank you



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Signatures: 678Next goal: 1,000
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