"Pizzaiolo" position to be present in the Employer Nomination Scheme List (subclass 186)

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The Art of making pizza has been well undervalued of its history and strong cultural  values by the Australian Department of Immigration.

The "Pizzaiolo" or Pizza maker is a wanted worker all over the Australian territory.

Pizza is not only what all the big multinational brands are selling to Australians since decades, pizza is a lot more and requires knowledge and years of experience to be that product that is known to our world and maybe others...

Having the "Pizzaiolo" position in the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) occupation list means:

- thousand of jobs position available

- thousand of business will be able to maintain a higher standard in the quality of        the products

- thousands of workers will be trained by professionals 

- millions of Australians will be consuming higher quality products

- Australian companies and organisations who work in the hospitality business will expand

- all existing businesses will have no issue to find professional staff member


I speak as a business owner of a Pizzeria where hard working people have helped me growing my business and deserve to be given a chance to stay in Australia permanently to cooperate to the growth of this type of businesses.

Sign the petition and help make Australia more pizzalicious!          :)