It's time for Pauline to step down.

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Pauline Hanson has been a plague in Australian politics for too long now. But we as a society can let our voices be heard for her to step down from Australian politics. She does not represent Australia at all, she just likes to stir the pot and creates unnecessary racial slurs and pulls off stunts like wearing a burqa in the senate. She said she feels like a second class citizen during the commonwealth games because of the focus on Australian Indigenous heritage. Let's have a look at what else this cyst has done. 

envisioned a drastic reduction in immigration

called for a ban on Muslim immigration to Australia

Voting no for same-sex marriage and asking for it to become a referendum.

Does not trust same-sex couples to raise a child. 

The Brisbane District Court jury found her guilty of electoral fraud in 2003 and only spent 11 weeks in jail. 

 So please sign this petition for Pauline to step down. Let's make a real start to change politics in this country. All it requires is one click and a share on any platform you choose.