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YES to FREE SPEECH in Australia !

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"LEGALLY CHASING DOWN AND FORCING CIVILISED multi-racial AREAS TO ACCEPT  SEDITIOUS  “DIVERSITY“  that instead of integration created enclaves and that act "inconsistently with their allegiance to Australia" by engaging in certain conduct,  IS KNOWN AS “FORCED ASSIMILATION“.
A combination of mass immigration (of different groups of people) plus forced assimilation would qualify as genocide, as defined by Article II, part (C) of the United Nations Genocide Conventions:
“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”   This Labor`s pledge to suppress FREE speech in Australia would facilitate the destruction of the future of Australian next generations. There was not the issue with "racism" until Islam came into the picture .
Its not Australians that  Racist towards Islam its Islam has been always racist and even supremacist towards non-Muslims ( read the evidence of Islamic racial discrimination below) . Labor, instead of dealing with the enemy of the Australian nation , that facilitate decline of this country , that openly calls to kill us Christians and infidels and to conquer Australia, that already made a draft of Islamic constitution of Australia,  trying to facilitate anti-constitutional laws and legislation to suppress free speech, that we have full right for . This is highly traitorous .  Islamic seditious political  ideology, the only system in our country that causing division by HATE SPEECH and the only political system, that masquerade as a cult that is casting their hate and their political ideology onto the rest of the world as well. We, proudly Australian patriots, have full right to address and to debate it OPENLY to find the answers. We have several questions to Bill Shorten :  1. "Why Au government spends millions of dollars per year, employing counter-terror experts and formulating deradicalisation program for Muslim demographic? 

2.What other demographic groups require millions of dollars in funding to convince them NO to take the commands in their scripture literally? NONE !
What are the risks from Jews, Russians, Italians, Greeks, other representatives of all ethnic and races of the Earth, that peacefully assimilated and integrated with Australian values?  NONE! We never heard complaints about racial hate speech until Islam , which became more and more engaged  in terrorism , (because became more demographically spread)   and its collaborators Left socialists group started to use those words as a part of victim card play:  Islamic terrorists themselves spell out in black and white that they quote Quran as their motivation and then they circle TERROR experts , trying to turn it around, telling that we are to blame.  Terrorism is being carried out by Muslims since Mohammed started to have his first fits ( so called visions) 14 hundred years ago : Muslims kill other Muslims, Muslims kill others because that's why so-called "prophet did       How many Jewish counter terrorist units, do we actually have?
How many Buddhists, Hindu, Judaists and another counter-terrorism experts required by the government for consulting in an effort to keep our Nation safe? NONE!!!!!
Islamic terrorism is committed against us and it's NOT our fault .
Terror is written to the very fabric of Islam
Sharia enforces severe penalties for gays , women, apostates "crimes" we would never call crimes at all.
The reality reminds : too many Muslims do LITERALLY obey those commands of the Quran to strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers.
Those who obey NOT  literally always was and always will be forced to commit Jihad, when their numbers, due to intensive Islamic demographic growth, ( learn about the 3rd stage of Jihad) that`s what Saudi facilitate by funding , around the GLOBE . Here is the shocking details:                                                      That pattern of 3 stages of Jihad ( the military strategy used for 14 centuries to conquer the World ) never changed during 14 centuries: Islam conquered the large portion of the world and did set up its foot in almost every country. 77% of MODERATE MUSLIMS around the Globe want to be Sharia law and Islamic Caliphate implemented in their countries. Nazis had only 7% of radicalised Germans when WW2 started .
Islamic ideology oppresses other RACES, & other ETHNIC GROUPS, It also oppresses based on gender, age, culture, civilization, religion, social class, belief system, sexuality…& probably more. This is why Islam is often called out as being a supremacist, seditious political ideology, masqueraded as a religion. Islam is also a military, legal & social ideology which dictates every aspect of one’s life both private & public. Because a person believes in any religion, ideology or whatever, or because a person might want to defend someone who believes something does NOT justify accusing one of something inappropriate & completely irrelevant with emotionally charged language & slander in an attempt to silence them & force them on to the lower moral ground.    We Australians don`t want European presence to became our future :                                                Pat Condell : "The Islamic Invasion Of Europe"   
We do not face same threat from many other , peacefully  integrated with Australian values, systems.
If you want us to take you seriously: STOP THE TAHIJA , Hijrah
Stop the Muslims victim narrative
Start dealing with unpalatable truth , that the hadith , example of Mohamed, we need to address. " Kirralie Smith
What have you done to convince Muslims NOT to take Quran demands to commit atrocities and crimes in the name of Islam, literally ?
HIJRAH is Jihad by Immigration and spread of Islamic demographics . Its means moving to a new land in order to bring Islam there and considered in Islam to be a holy and revered action. Quote from Quran: "And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the Earth many locations and abundance and whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah" Surah 4:100
Critical thought is far superior to physical threats of Ignorant left, or the threats of suppressing free speech , faced by Australian patriots
Shame, THIS IS WHAT collaborators of Islam CONDONING:
1 Current legislation permits this form of rape molestation and paedophilia in Australia with a child greater than 11  years of age                                                2. Timeline: Homegrown Islamic terrorism in Australia 2. Call for Muslim Army in Australia
3. Video of Muslims radicalizing Australian children in Lakemba Sydney
4. Islamic group calls to replace Australian gov. with 'Islamic caliphate'
5. Radicalisation of Australian Muslim youth | Bilal Merhi
6. "Bankstown is the face of ‘dysfunctional multicultural’ Australia, – an area colonized by taxpayer funded third world intruders at the expense of traditional Australians. We can no longer live in denial for the sake of the victims."
7. On Anzac day a 16-year-old boy, who was arrested over an alleged Anzac Day terrorism plot had been in a government run deradicalization program for about a year:

8.Building Starts On Australia's First Muslim Enclave - The Occupation Begins
Every second day an Australian tradie, our taxpayers , commits suicide,
Australian-educated, law abiding, sophisticated, broad minded youth & potential taxpayers are slowly relocating to Islam free countries (like Japan), and are being replaced with people who are resistant to integrating into our Australian society & resistant to adopting the values, freedoms & traditions our forefathers have fought for.
Learn the  evidence of Islamic RACIAL DISCRIMINATION :
1. MUSLIM COUNTRIES ARE THE MOST RACIST IN THE WORLD : 2. Saudi Arabs Are Still Selling Castrated Black Slaves TODAY (The allies of the global liberal left)
3. Islam's black slave trade: Islam's genocidal slavery part E
4. So-called "MODERATE" Islam declares the war on WHITE RACE and GENDER :
5. CNN host Fareed Zakaria calls for jihad rape of white women
6. Scandinavian blond women dying their hair black, to protect themselves from "Moderate" Islamic rape culture
7. Islam oppressed white race for centuries, enslaving around a million white Europeans when Europeans were slaves. Research Suggests White Slavery Was Much More Common Than Previously Believed
8. More antijewish apartheid at temple mounts public drinking fountain
9. Watch: Muslim children of a suicide bomber "We love our mom, she killed 5 Jews"
10. "Moderate" Islam attacks even INNOCENT age .Islamic preacher says CHILD RAPE IS a part of Islamic CULTURE
11. Islam has slaughtered 9 times more innocent lives than Nazism and communism combined.Racism means oppression of a particular race or races. Being critical or non-accepting of a political or religious IDEOLOGY cannot possibly be racist & is nothing whatsoever to do with “racism”. To label or accuse one who criticizes or rejects the ideology of Islam as being “racist” is unintelligent and uneducated.
“Race” is defined as
1. a group of persons related by common descent or heredity OR
2. a group of tribes or peoples forming an ethnic lineage: eg. the Slavic race. OR
3. any people united by common history, language, cultural traits, etc.: eg. the Dutch race.                                                                                    Standing against Islamic  supremacist (which is far worse than racism and includes racism) is PATRIOTISM                                                                    We, patriotic Australian nation are ones who passionately possess a sense of responsibility to pass our nation, built and fought for by our forefathers and the legacy bequeathed to them - a peaceful and United Australia, to their/our children, grandchildren, and their descendants who are the rightful inheritors. 

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