Stop China from Bullying Australia

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Australian exporters are being bullied by China refusing to accept deliveries when they arrive and putting large tariffs on our goods if we allow this to continue we may well loose our land to the Chinese communist party. Australia needs to stand up to China and there is only one way to do it, RESUME all land and Harbors that they now have some hold in and let Australians build our country back so it rides again on our own blood sweat and tears. Lets find new markets and do not supply anything to China and that includes Iron Ore keep it here process it here make things here and sell them overseas but Not to China.

We were known as the lucky country lets make ourselves lucky again by getting behind this and stop China from taking Australia from us and stop them building Islands out of reclaimed sand and then stopping or at least trying to stop our shipping from travelling there where they have man made Chinese built sand Islands

If you do not stand up to bullies they will bully all the harder it is now or never stand up and be counted or move on out over to China I feel sure you will not like living under their dictatorial regime and neither will you family or your children keep our Country safe get on side of Australia